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A new up and coming approach?

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

During this uncertain time across the world, I can't help but wonder what the new approaches within the events industry will be and how as a society we will adapt to them. It is an interesting thought to think that while we make the best of this period of time, could our new approach shape the way we host events for the future and for good? Over the last week, I have been coming across other organisations within the events industry using webinars as a platform to still reach their audiences and to still spread their message. As someone who has also registered to these free online webinars, I found them still as engaging and productive as I would if I was physcially attending an event.


Of course, for more proactive events such as concerts, festivals and smaller gatherings, this approach does not provide the same type of outcome, but for companies who are still able to promote their name and objectives, this approachable method can still be successful as a way of keeping communicating as normal as possible.

I believe that the way forward is to advise organisations to host webinars for their audience, to still continue communication. I think during this time, it is not about sales and profit, but to provide over all general advice and help and to continue building on the reputation of that company. I truly believe that once the world has come out of this dark place, people will remember those who were still actively engaging with their audience and creating a place where communication is still flowing.

I think overall, with all types of industries, new and different approaches will be drawn up to keep businesses afloat which will shape the way in which people carry out things, but I think its the message of 'don't worry we are still here and willing to help' which is shaping industries, especially the events and hospitality. Maybe this period of time is needed for us to remember that its the well-being of people which is at the heart of why we do it in the first place.

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