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My Events Journey

As it has only just passed a year since I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan, I wanted to write a post dedicated to my experience of my event journey as well as my time at University.


I enrolled at MMU in 2015 and completely fell in love with Uni life. The moment I joined, I really felt like I belonged to the MMU community. It was clear since day 1 that MMU were determined to make each experience for their students, unique for them. I started Uni not really knowing what I wanted to do and what career path I was going to follow, but MMU provided me the right level of support and guidance for me to figure out where my career was going to take me, along the way.

It wasn't until second year when I really started looking into how I could get involved within the event industry, alongside my studies. I was taking full advantage of what our Uni had to offer, multiple volunteer opportunities, career -advice and the idea of a possible global internship.

What really attracted me to this particular event management course, was the opportunity to take a year out during third year, to work in the industry and have hands-on experience in the work place. With the help of the Career Hub, I tidied up my CV and began attending small workshops and meetings that the Uni were hosting with possible employers and companies which were offering internships. I knew that I was a hard worker and wanted to take a chance and see what I could perform in the real world and what door that could open for me.

This was where my journey at Greenwich Country Club in the USA began from June 2017-2018. For anyone reading this who is considering completing a placement in the future as part of their course or even after graduation, I would highly recommend it. Not only was it such a fun year where I made friends for life, but I grew so much as a person being away from home for a full 12 months. I was given the opportunity to work on incredible events, work within the hospitality sector and even manage a couple events myself. This was fantastic experience for a 20 year old to be given such responsibility and a great place to figure out what I truly felt passionate about.

I absolutely loved it, having my 21st birthday in NYC, travelling around the States for a month and meeting so many amazing people that I wouldn't of met if I didn't take this opportunity!

Returning home, was one of the hardest things I had to do. I didn't think it would be, but going back to MMU for my final year actually really helped me adjust back into life on this side of the pond again. All of us who were returning from a placement received so much support from the event management team in terms of how to remember to reference once again and how to adjust back into normal life once again. I 100% noticed a change in me and a determination to connect back into the event industry in the U.K, which only pushed me to work as hard as I could in final year. I wanted to stay pro-active and so I worked part-time for an events functions space in Manchester City Centre, up until I finished my last exams.

I didn't start looking for a graduate job until December 2019, a good 4 months since my graduation. Personally, I thought a break was needed! I came across the job I have now via a post on LinkedIn and I have been with my company based in London as their Events and Marketing Coordinator, a role I was so happy and proud to have!


I think overall, MMU opened so many doors for me. Not just in terms of allowing their students to take a year out mid-way through their University journey, but the community gave me so much confidence to trust that I was on the right path. They made me see what I could do and how far I could go and I trusted that and it made me want to do well, to prove to myself that I could! I think it is so important to reflect back on how far you have come, no matter where you are in your career at this very moment, to see where you once started to where you are now and how that came about. I think if anything, looking back I really pushed myself and took a chance which really changed my life and I am so glad I had the support to be able to do that. I am still loving my event journey and so excited to see what the future holds and I hope my story can inspire someone else who feels a little unsure during this time.

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