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London Commute

Updated: May 5, 2020

As I am only two months into my new job in London, I have had to get used to making a massive adjustment to my routine. Having such a full on and long day, I think it is so important to find moments and small joys throughout the day to keep me motivated and active!

Especially being new to the full-time working community, I make sure that I am prioritising my down time and making the most of my full day at work, being as productive as I can. As someone who has always been organised and proactive this didn't come as a massive shock to me but I have noticed myself looking for new inspirations to keep my week going smoothly. I have definitely adapted some new interest and hobbies, including listening to podcasts, reading 1 book a month, being more active on LinkedIn, reaching out to friends more, eating healthier, taking back in exercise classes even reading the newspaper! and actually going to bed at a reasonable time. I have defiantly wanted to be apart of the industry I am in so much more, taking as many opportunities as I can to attend events and meet new people and not being shy to put my name out there!

I definitely want to develop this category on my blog further and keep an update on any upcoming work I am doing in my job or events I will be going too etc!

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