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Bad skin or just bad mentality?

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Where do I start? Since my teenage years, I have always remembered having a struggle with my skin. From blackheads, to pimples which then lead to scarring, I don’t remember a time where my face was not blemished. For a long time, I accepted the fact that I was supposed to have this skin and to just get on with it. I was never introduced to a skin care routine and was certainly not aware of what factors could make my skin worse. I think back then, I didn’t really care. It wasn’t until my early twenties when I actually decided I was going to sort myself out and see if I could make a difference to my skin.


What I found difficult about this process, is that it is a long journey and that no great changes will happen over-night. Patience is key, which is unfortunate for those who would just love to have a natural glow the next morning. I found it hard to be patient with myself and ended up getting angry towards my skin. I was aware that during my period, my break outs were more common as well as when I was stressed. The contraceptive pill was rumoured to also help skin, however this only made it worse for me.

However, I do believe that the issue lies with what makes bad skin? When did this label come around to have the power to target skin just because it doesn't meet the ideal state of perfection? Over my years of struggling with trying to find a way in which my skin was settled and calm, I didn't even think twice to change my actual mind-set and outlook of it, because of course it had to be my actions which were causing all of this, not my mind-set.

Due to this, I decided to actually calm down and change my approach to how I see my face instead of getting horribly upset and frustrated with all the time and money spent to just constantly being let down. It is so refreshing and empowering to read online articles which are actually highlighting the beauty of 'imperfection'. If anything, it made me aware of how far I had come with my skin and how far I had come with acceptance. A positive mind set is key, we do the very best we can to 'self-care' that it is okay to let our bodies breathe a little and have a break as well. My new state of mind allowed me to change the way I see my 'blemishes' and to build a positive relationship with my skin. Don't get me wrong, I still have days and periods where I really struggle when my skin is angry and takes over my whole thought process. BUT, I try to remember how good it can get and to keep up with it and to allow it to breathe and settle down once again!


Here are my top 10 tips which I recognised worked wonders for me and my ever lasting journey with 'good skin' :

1) Lighly make-up: no power

2) Washing your face ONCE a day

3) Drinking Apply-Cider Vinegar

4) Cleaning my diet: limited sugar

5) Use limited products on the skin

6) Applying tea-tree oil (but not too much)

7) Applying sunscreen into make-up routine

8) Add vitamins into your morning routine: Vitamin A, C and B5 + cod liver oil

9) Be Kinder to your skin- let it breath and embrace it.

10) Drink more water!

Do we really have 'bad skin' or just a bad mind-set?

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