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How to stay focused whilst working from home

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Since I have started my new job in the last few months, I have been given the opportunity to work from home and have flexible hours. As any recent graduate, this package deal is music to my ears and means every Friday I can have at least an extra hour in bed before I set my desk up for the day. I do feel really lucky to have this option, if I want to use it. If anything, I have realised that due to having such great flexibility with my job, I actually work and deliver better!

Since having this flexibility with work, I think it is very important not to abuse it, which could be easily done, with any job. Due to the current situation around the world, people have no other choice but to continue their day to day activities from home, including work, 5 days a week. And for individuals who are not used to this 'luxury', this can be quite an adjustment. I have peronsally found it hard to find motivation. I enjoy my commute into London everyday and getting up and out and had not realised before how much this helps my mentality and my work ethic!


For this to work for myself, I have applied some strict rules, to make sure I can in my motivated head space as well as keeping my mental health in check as much as possible. Take a look.

1. Continue to wake up at usual time and get dressed.

2. Keep hydrated and take eating breaks like you would in the office.

3. Have a clean and organised space to work at.

4. Break you day up- do not sit at your desk whilst eating lunch and get some fresh air, walk into town, get a coffee.

5. Keep communication flowing with colleagues, this will help keep you focussed on your tasks and what everyone else is doing.

6. At the end of your work day, take note what you have accomplished and write down a small to-do list for the next day.

7. Aim to treat yourself at the end of the work day, read a book, watch a film, have a glass of wine.

8. Take care of yourself, FIRST.

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