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Events & Marketing Coordinator

Updated: May 5, 2020

Starting my new chapter as an Events & Marketing Coordinator has really opened my eyes and sparked a new sense of passion for the events industry in me!. Not only has it provided me with a new routine and a very deep love for London, but as the newest member of the industry (as it feels) I feel I am surrounded and apart of a fantastic and growing industry which just loves itself and never doubts what it is capable of!


I feel super lucky to of found an industry to work in which not only am I good at my job, but that I actually enjoy and love coming into the office on a Monday morning. Two months since I have started my new job I have gained so much further understanding about the industry then I ever learned from University and such great experience, meeting with clients, viewing venues and building my own personal brand within this large industry. I am provided with great opportunities to attend large exhibitions and conferences across the city, a great chance to network and listen to the latest and most upcoming new factor for the events industry to uncover.

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