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'Events are people'

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

A short post about how Event Professionals can continue to succeed!


I attended a virtual event hosted by EventWell Talks, which touched upon topics such as how event professionals can create a structured routine, how to keep motivated (when you need it) and how to overall maintain our wellbeing. The panel of speakers raised a variety of important points which led to insightful discussions; this inspired me to document my take on these.

The two key messages which I took from the EventWell Talk are:

1. Structuring time wisely can be the best thing you can do

2. The power of human connection


Structure of time

One of the key points which was touched upon was how to structure our time effectively and how this one action can really support the event industry during this pause from everyday reality.

The key 6 actions included:

  1. Practice routine

  2. Practice self-care

  3. Practice structure

  4. Stay connected

  5. Respect your own boundaries

  6. Learn how to say NO

It was agreed within the panelist as well as the attendees that we need to start treating ourselves the way we would treat our phones, laptops and tablets. We are so wired to reboot, charge and rest our devices- that we don't priorities the same level of care for ourselves.

I walked away reflecting on what the panel were emphasising, which is to be more selfish and to put yourself first, whether that is in a social aspect or professionally. We should be wired to take care of ourselves first, leaving the material aspects of our lives second. There are no guidelines or regulations to be followed during this pause in time; use it however you want with the motive of taking care of yourself. I really have taken the 6 tips above to help guide my own time and productivity; to know that taking breaks (whether they are for a few days or weeks) is necessary and should be celebrated more.

Ask yourself the question: what is achievable for you?

The Human Connection

What I noticed whilst watching from my screen, was the constant referencing to the power of human connection & human interaction; that no matter how small or large, events are what everyone is truly waiting and longing for, when the world escapes from this pause of time.

Caitlin Kobrak and Elena Clowes identified that no matter at what stage each event professional is at within their career at this time - being apart of this industry is something to be very proud of and something to be inspired by. For those who have just graduated into this unknown time will forever be part of this movement, of fresh ideas & fresh perspectives which can only direct and support this movement of the industry further.

This pause of time does not mean that the every day movement of the industry has stopped. This is a time the industry has not experience before; a time to create future possibilities and ideas that us as event professionals can carry forward and explore further.

'Events are people' - Trudy Wilde
'The human connection is too important within the world of events- it will conquer!' - Caitlin Kobrak

The event industry so far has mastered how to continue to host events for our community, whilst still tackling the obstacle of non-physical experiences. And the event that this post was inspired by has been one of them. I felt a great connection with everyone involved and carried out the rest of my day feeling refreshed and excited for what us as a community will be able to achieve in the future :)


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