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Welcome back!

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

A lot has happened since my last blog post!

I have decided to use this platform as wisely as I can - sharing my events experiences and journey through the early stages of my career and to also provide a space to educate, share and learn from others.

For a while, I decided to put my blog to bed, due to financial commitments and prioritising other aspects such as finding work and committing my time to other projects. Since my last entry there have been 2 more national lockdowns, redundancy, 1 job, a variety of volunteering opportunities and my 24th Birthday.

I wanted to welcome anyone back who is currently reading this or if there are any new readers since then and just give a bit of an update of where I am, my currently outlook of the world and what my plans of action are to move forward!

We are currently two months into 2021 and I am feeling a sense of hope! Yay! I have really been thinking how can I best work on myself and prepare myself for when the wonder that is the event industry re-opens. I have discovered a true love for writing in the endless days of lockdown, mainly for myself and to note down moments, feelings, thoughts but also for others- like you! My love and passion for the events industry, professional and personal development and just in general to support and guide others through their own journey.

Even though we are still living in such an unknown period of time, I am flooded with positivity, excitement and opportunity for this new year. By challenging my energy into myself and personal growth, I have really seen an improvement in my productivity and therefore my outlook on the next couple of months. I have chosen to set out of my comfort zone and to take risks - what do we have to loose at this time.

I wanted to add a special feature to this blog; an events portfolio- an area dedicated to the documentation of my work experiences, volunteering and updates that I have worked on or have been working on- events related and more. I think this will be such a great memoir to look back on and to also show others!

I have so many exciting new ideas for this space and I hope you stick around to watch :)

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