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Top 3 tips to keep motivated!

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Last week I signed myself up to a few online webinars in search of some inspiration. Due to the events industry being a little quiet at the moment, I thought I would use my time wisely and look into how I can stay as involved as I can. And I have also tried to apply these into everyday life and not so worked based.


The main points that I took from the different webinars I have been listening to is, to:

1. Start small. I always find that taking the first step is the scariest and then it seems to get easier and comes more naturally. However, its about being realistic to what you can handle and what you can easily accomplish. I thought using this time at the moment, is the best time for me to start my blog and to really invest in more time building my own brand, within the industry.

2. Taking notes of ideas and writing anything which inspires you down is key. I always sign into a webinar or a meeting with a notepad and pen at the ready, just in case someone else ideas and thoughts spark an idea out of me! But be what I mentioned earlier, its important to be realistic with yourself and not push yourself or stress yourself out too much, with whatever project or idea you have. If you have a key idea, pursue that one and others will come with it.

3. Finally, I have noticed I have really made a continuous effort to put myself out there more. I have built up my image on LinkedIn and have made sure to interact as much as possible- to push myself to ask questions and make the first step. I have noticed a huge increase in my confidence from it and have made some great connections.

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